Groningen & Drenthe’s cheapest charge card

Tap Electric to offer affordable EV charging with user-friendly app and charge card for residents in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.

AMSTERDAM, January 18, 2024 – Tap Electric, a startup focused on improving driver experience with solutions for electric vehicle drivers and charger owners, announces that they will offer a user-friendly and cost-effective EV charge card and app for residents of the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe. The card is offered as part of the provinces’ most recent public charging tender which will see an additional 2100 public chargers rolled out in the coming years. 

The charge card will be available as a monthly subscription for 1.25 EUR. This subscription will provide drivers with charging at cost price from local operators. Eligible residents can subscribe here. 

With the new EV charge card, residents in the provinces will have access to an extensive network of charging stations, ensuring convenient and affordable charging options. Additionally, users will have access to the Tap Electric app. The Tap app has an industry leading feature set that enables drivers to find and pay for a charger that is affordable, available and reliable. This initiative aims to address the growing demand for charging solutions in the region, further promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. 

News of the partnership follows the launch of Tap’s latest price transparency feature, Tariff Intel. With this, users will be able to compare pricing from different charge cards directly in the Tap Electric app. This will give users confidence that their new charge card is good value, says Tap Electric CEO Nico Spoelstra: “We are completely confident that we are delivering affordable charging via our charge card and app, so it makes perfect sense for us to offer Tariff Intel to drivers. Transparency is crucial for the successful transition to electric driving.”  

With this initiative, Tap Electric continues on its mission to deliver brilliant driver experience to accelerate the energy transition. Learn more at 

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