About us

Tap Electric is an Amsterdam based startup committed to making charging your car easy and affordable.

We believe a charging platform that prioritizes driver experience, streamlines payments and empowers our partners will accelerate the energy transition.

The Tap Electric app and its Tapkey companion are available in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK for iOS and Android.

Join us

We are always looking for partners in our mission.

Are you looking to bring our charging experience to users on your chargers, network or municipality? Or to help accelerate our mission by investing in Tap Electric?

Tap us an email at [email protected] .

Public Party

You represent a municipality, research institute or other public organization and you are looking to develop better charging experiences with us.


You own or operate a charging network, produce chargers, or are otherwise involved in the energy transition, and you are looking to provide a better customer experience.


You believe in our goal and tech and you are able to accelerate our mission by investing in Tap Electric.