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You can subscribe in the Tap app.


We’ll send you a Tapkey in the mail when you sign up to a Tap subscription plan that comes with a free RFID Tapkey.

Our Tapkey is the world’s first charging key to come with built-in security against theft, copying or emulating. You can add extra security to your Tapkey by enabling two-factor authentication. This means if you start session with your Tapkey at a location you have not charged at before, you must authenticate in the app before charging.

Your savings will depend on the plan you choose, subscribers can save up to 10% on every charge session.

When you subscribe, you automatically switch from “pay-as-you-go” to monthly invoicing. Pay-as-you-go means you pay per transaction as soon as your session is finished. Monthly invoicing means you pay for all of your transactions from the last month in a single monthly payment.
  • You sign up to a Tap subscription on September 4th. Your invoice period is September 4th – October 4th. You receive your invoice on the first day of your next invoice period, in this case October 5th.

You can change your subscription plan once per invoice period. This change takes effect immediately.
  • You sign up for a free Tap subscription on September 4th. Your invoice period is September 4th – October 4th.
  • On September 19th, you upgrade to a paid subscription of £5/month.
  • All charging sessions from September 19th onwards will benefit from the discounted pricing associated to the paid subscription.
  • On your September invoice, we will charge you £2.50 for your subscription (we pro-rata the £5/month paid subscription cost for 15 days), plus all session costs.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in the Tap app. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the current invoicing cycle

Providers often have an app that you can use to find available chargers and start a charge session. You do not need a charge card to charge your car with most providers, but it can make starting a charge session easier. You can simply tap it against a charger’s reader to start a charge and tap it once more to stop the session.

If you charge more than 100kWh/month, you could save on transaction and additional charging costs with a subscription like Tap Roamer.