UK Schools & EV charging: why 2024 is the year to make the jump 

UK school administrations are starting to grapple with the coming transition from petrol to EV. Staff are making the switch to EV; neighbourhoods in which schools reside are lacking publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure; and schools are busy teaching students about the effects of climate change, while looking for ways to lead by example. With the help of the UK government’s new grant, now you can install EV chargers super affordably.
In this guide:

Thank you to YESSS Electrical for their contribution to this article. YESSS Electrical is a leading wholesaler of electric vehicle chargers.

The UK government has created an ambitious grants programme to incentivise schools to install charging infrastructure to service the school and surrounding community.

This grant can cover: 

  • Up to 75% of purchase and installation costs for up to 40 chargers 
  • Up to £2500 per socket


This is fantastic news. To help you get started, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to EV charging for schools: 

  • How do I choose an installer and get started with the UK schools EV charging grant? 
  • How do I choose which hardware to use? 
  • How do I recover my electricity costs for staff usage? 
  • How can I open up the chargers to the surrounding community? 
  • How can I set different prices for staff, visitors, and others? 
  • How can I manage charging across multiple schools?     
  • How much does it cost to operate all of this? 
  • What else do I need to consider?


Tap Electric helps schools all over the UK with their EV charging payments with minimal running costs. Feel free to get in touch at [email protected] if there’s anything we have not answered in this article. 

How do I choose an installer and get started with the UK schools EV charging grant?

Selecting a reputable installer experienced in working with educational institutions is crucial.

What to look out for:

  • OZEV certification
  • Good track record of successful installations in schools
  • Familiarity with the Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded education institutions – a good installer will be able to apply for this grant on your behalf
  • Provision of aftercare and maintenance services – new chargers are very reliable, but it’s important to have piece of mind and to know who to call if something goes wrong.


If you’re looking for referrals to qualified installers, reach out to us on [email protected].

How do I choose which hardware to use?

While higher upfront costs might be a consideration, the long-term reliability and potential to charge slightly higher rates during off-hours can offset these expenses.

What to look out for?

  • Durable, efficient charging hardware – preferably from UK or European manufacturers known for quality
  • Chargers that are OCPP compliant to integrate with payment systems
  • Select models based on internet connectivity options suitable for your school’s infrastructure


You can find some examples of good quality commercial EV chargers at YESSS Electrical UK.

How do I recover my electricity costs for staff usage?

Tap Electric is a free EV charging payments system. You can create an account and onboard your new chargers (often with the help of your installer) in just a few minutes, with no complicated contracts or expensive signups.  

In your account, you add your bank details to be paid out on a monthly basis for all charging at your location. You set your own price – usually in line with your electricity tariff – and change it as often as you want.  

Tap Electric takes care of billing your staff by charging them the price you set, plus a small transaction fee or subscription fee. That means Tap is free for you as the administrator to use, and super affordable for drivers. 

How can I open up the chargers to the surrounding community?

Using Tap’s Location Access settings, you can open your chargers to the public. This will allow you to earn some revenue when school is out, whether that be evenings, weekends or holidays. You will also be providing a valuable service to the community, where there is often a lack of charging infrastructure.

You can publish the chargers on the Tap Electric app so that they are visible in the map, and even publish your location on 3rd party apps to spread the word even further. Of course, you have full control here, so if you prefer to restrict access to staff only at all times, this is also simple to set up.

How can I set different prices for staff, visitors, and others?

Using Tap’s Driver Group functionality, you can create different pricing schemes for different groups of drivers. You may want to offer discounted charging for staff, free charging for VIPs, and as your default charge a premium for after-hours guests. This can all be set up easily using Tap.

How can I manage EV charging across multiple schools?

If you are a trust managing multiple schools, you may need the flexibility to:

  • Manage access at each location
  • Set different prices at each school according to their energy contracts
  • Direct payments to multiple bank accounts, or to a single centralised account

Tap Electric’s account structure allows simple management of these kind of setups. With a single login, your account administrator can get an overview of all locations, quickly move between them to change settings, and assign admin permissions to different people for specific schools. 

How much does it cost to operate all of this?

Tap Electric’s software is completely free to use for charger owners. Since we add a small fee towards drivers, we let them cover the cost of charger payments, which is more fair than charging you, the school administrator. If there is no charging, or if the driver gets to charge for free, then Tap does not earn anything. 

There are some other operating costs to consider. You might agree on a maintenance programme with your installer to ensure your equipment stays in tip top shape over its lifespan. If your chargers fall out of warranty, there could be repair costs to consider as well in case of damage or fault.  

What else do I need to consider?
Internet Connectivity

A robust internet connection is vital for managing payments and accessing charger management platforms. Assess your school’s connectivity with your installer, and consider any necessary upgrades to ensure a seamless user experience for EV drivers.

Energy Management

Implement energy management solutions to balance EV charging demand with your school’s overall energy consumption. If your school uses renewable energy sources, integrate these into your charging infrastructure for greater efficiency and sustainability. Talk with Tap about our suite of energy management products. 

VAT Considerations

Navigating VAT for EV charging can be complex. While schools typically aim to recoup electricity costs without profit, VAT implications require careful consideration. We recommend you speak with your tax advisor about this topic. Tap has a complete solution for any VAT scenario your school may have and can be configured in a couple of clicks.