5 must-have charging app features only on Tap

With the help of the Tap app, you can find and use reliable chargers at a fair price. Here are 5 must-have app features you can only find on Tap – from seeing the cheapest chargers nearby to managing your charger.
In this guide:
#1 Quickly find the cheapest chargers

See an overview of charger prices in your area directly on the map.

#2 See cheaper chargers nearby

We’ll show you if there’s a cheaper charger in your area before you start your session.

#3 Get cost estimates before you charge

Use Price Intel to see a full breakdown of kWh prices and additional costs for each charger and the estimated cost of your session.

This is especially helpful when a charger has complex pricing. This is when an operator or owner has set dynamic pricing where your price per kWh can change throughout your session. They can also set starting, parking and idle fees to use their charger.

#4 Know which charge card has the best price

On many chargers like Equans and TotalEnergies, you can compare which charge card has the best price. Pricing with the Tap Roamer subscription is usually the cheapest option, and we’re upfront when it’s not – that’s how transparency works! 

#5 Manage your chargers for free

If you have your own charger, you can manage your charger on Tap for free, and even get paid if you want to allow others to use your charger.

With our EV charger management platform you can:

  1. Access control. Who can charge at the location?
  2. Set Tariffs. How much should the driver pay?
  3. Collect payments. Automatically collect money from visitors, neighbours or everyone when they use your charger.

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