Dutch home charger owners with a dynamic energy contract can save hundreds on their EV charging

9 February 2024, Amsterdam, Nederland – Dutch home charger owners can now save hundreds on their EV charging bill by linking their dynamic energy contract to Tap Electric’s free charger management platform.

With the launch of Tap’s new Charge Control program, Dutch home charger owners can unlock savings from their dynamic energy contract. 

Tap’s ‘Dynamic Tariff Optimiser algorithm optimises charging speeds to automatically find the cheapest moments of the day to charge on dynamic home energy contracts. This follows the dynamic tariffs offered by Tibber, Frank, ANWB, Eneco and others. 

Nico Spoelstra, Co-Founder and  CEO of Tap Electric believes that EVs can already help with the problem of grid congestion in the Netherlands while passing on the benefits of smart charging to drivers. 

‘With the help of Tap, drivers can now benefit from retail energy price fluctuations during the day. For example, drivers often leave their charger plugged in overnight and don’t need a full battery as fast as possible. We set a charging schedule so that our drivers can get the best prices throughout their charge session and have a full battery by the morning. This will undoubtedly lower their spend on electricity at home.’

All a homeowner needs to secure a dynamic energy tariff is a smart meter and a dynamic energy contract with an energy retailer.

To make dynamic tariffs program even more powerful, drivers can also connect their car to the Tap app to get live updates on battery state of chargelevel during their charge sessions. 

This is an important milestone in our mission to deliver a brilliant driver experience at the intersection of grid and mobility. We know drivers want more out of their charging apps and we believe we’re delivering on that promise.‘ Spoelstra says.

Drivers can already get more value for money with Tap’s free charger management platform. Charger owners can connect their charger to Tap and earn money every time a driver uses their charger. It gives lets charger owners the ability to set their own tariffs, manage location access, and more. This service can be used by anyone, from home owners to businesses.